Abby Does Things: Starting a Blog

Hey friends,

Welcome to post two, wherein I discuss what you can expect from this blog.

You’ll find two main categories of posts here. The first is “Abby Likes Things,” which will encompass the vast majority of the posts that I’ll do (including my first one!). “Abby Likes Things” posts are laid out in four sections including the rundown, which gives a general description of the subject; the yays, which highlights things I enjoyed about the subject; the wah-wahs, which lay out anything I didn’t love; and the secret sauce, which will describe what set the subject apart and earned it a place on the blog. Sauce examples could include a storytelling technique or format I found particularly effective or intriguing, a moral or theme I wanted to point out, an art style, color palette, animation style, or whatever else. Most of my posts will probably revolve around books, movies, and anime, but watch out for other examples, including podcasts, YouTube channels, musicians, and more. To paraphrase Levar Burton, the only thing that ties them all together is that I like them.

The other category for posts is “Abby Does Things.” Full disclosure, I am an author. That means I’m constantly doing creative acts such as publishing books, telling online collaborative stories, hosting or attending events, or guesting on shows, blogs, or podcasts. I am also, full disclosure, a pretty regular, down-to-earth human being, by which I mean I also do other, non-creative acts. These could include service projects, things at church, traveling, or other normal human things. The sum of these is why I have “Abby Does Things” posts. Through these, I’ll keep you up to date on what I’m up to and what releases and creative projects lie ahead. Thankfully, if you don’t really care about my personal life, you can just skip those posts, or vice versa.

As to posting schedules, my goal is to have two posts a month, though I may have a few extra up front to get the ball rolling. I’ll be sure to tag each post as either Abby Likes or Abby Does so it’s clear what you’re getting into. Or, if you’d like to receive regular summaries of my posts to pick and choose which ones you read, signup for my newsletter (bonus goodies included, link below).

I’m excited to start this blog and celebrate all the people and projects that I love. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

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