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The Book

The Yochni’s Eye is now available for purchase.

Every six hundred years, the yochni blinks, changing one thing about the world based on the wish of the last creature it sees. Sixteen-year-old dwarven champion Mira Goldfist wants nothing more than to wish the bogeys—the giant, dog-like race that has enslaved her people—out of existence. But when Kraven Monteyeaux, a magical arbiter and reluctant medic, forces Mira and Atlan Qierce, the high prince and heir to the bogey empire, into a magical contract to reach the yochni together, all three will have to overcome their prejudices and pride to stop an even deadlier wish.

The Author

A photo of author Abigail Morrison in a backyard setting. She is smiling.

Abigail Morrison is a Wisconsin-based author with over a decade of experience. She loves stories that feature grace and redemption, ask questions (without necessarily answering them), and point toward possibility.

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