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  1. Story 1. Atlan makes an appearance…Atlan Qierce is the high prince to the fearsome bogey (giant dog people) empire. Atlan is a bogey with big plans and a keen mind, but we join him here when he was much younger. Read the story now.
  2. Story 2. Kraven makes a choice…In this story, we meet Kraven, the apprentice physician that serves as magical glue to our crew. Kraven is many things: dragon keeper, noble, unwanted second son. He’s also an apprentice to the do-gooder Guard, but he wasn’t always that way. Read on to find out why.
  3. Story 3. Mira hears a story…Mira is the fiery, dwarven warrior-champion at the heart of this book. In this story, we find Mira confronting her injured father about his past and taking her first steps towards being the champion she’ll someday become. Read the final story here.

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Thank you for signing up for my newsletter. Hopefully the stories above will serve as introduction to the world and story of my book. In my newsletter, you’ll receive progress updates on the stories I tell as well as recommendations about the stories and other media I’m enjoying. Stay tuned for bonus content and opportunities to supply your own recommendations and feedback as well. My goal is to send just a couple of emails a month, so you should be hearing from me again in the next couple of weeks! In the meantime, feel free to connect with me via my contact page or Twitter, or check out my blog Abby Likes Things for in-depth updates and reviews of the media I love.