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A book cover featuring a large dog-man, a female dwarf, and a human noble boy with glowing blue eyes. The cover reads The Yochni's Eye.

The Yochni’s Eye

The Yochni’s Eye is now available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Signed copies are available.

Every six hundred years, the yochni blinks, changing one thing about the world based on the wish of the last creature it sees. Sixteen-year-old dwarven champion Mira Goldfist wants nothing more than to wish the bogeys—the giant, dog-like race that has enslaved her people—out of existence. But when Kraven Monteyeaux, a magical arbiter and reluctant medic, forces Mira and Atlan Qierce, the high prince and heir to the bogey empire, into a magical contract to reach the yochni together, all three will have to overcome their prejudices and pride to stop an even deadlier wish.

A thoughtful examination of revenge, authority, and the risks required for any higher good, The Yochni’s Eye puts a new twist on the classic rebellion tale, using high adventure, expansive settings, and a deadly race to beg of readers: What does it mean to wish for peace and what must we truly risk to obtain it?

The Yochni’s Eye received a Five-Star Reader’s Favorite review in April, 2023. It placed as a semi-finalist in the young adult category in the 2023 Kindle Book Awards and won Reader’s Favorite overall in the 2023 Kindle Book Award.

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