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The Short Version

Abigail Morrison is a creative writer who’s been telling stories for over a decade. She loves stories that feature grace and redemption, ask questions (without necessarily answering them), and point toward possibility. Her debut novel, Yochni’s Eye, will be launching in Summer, 2022.

The Long Version

Abigail Morrison is a Wisconsin-based author that’s been writing stories since she was a child. She grew up loving stories and knowing she wanted to share some of her own. Some of her major influences (in no particular order) include:

In her stories, you can expect to find genre-fusions, philosophical questions and conundrums, and stories that point towards bright futures and possibility. She believes that stories have immense power to change people’s lives and outlooks, and so writes stories that attempt to effect those changes through careful self-examination, exploration, and curiosity. Her first novel, The Yochni’s Eye, will release in Summer of 2022.

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